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Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive examination is taken after completion of all core courses, major courses, and beginning research courses.  The exam consists of a series of essay questions related to application of key concepts from core, major, and research courses. Students are given 10 days to complete the exam.  Possible exam ratings include: Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs Revision, Unsatisfactory.

‚ÄčThe Comprehensive Exam is administered twice each year (early January and early August) and may be taken after completion of the 6 core courses, 4 major courses, and 2 beginning research courses. Students are required to submit Form A prior to taking the Exam and must complete and pass the Exam prior to Proposal Defense and Advancement to Candidacy.  Students who do not pass the examination must re-take it within one year; a second failure results in removal from the PhD program.