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Department chair
Principal or assistant principal
Staff Developer
Instructional supervisor
Curriculum coordinator
Government agency administrator or consultant
Superintendent (or assistant or associate)
Private consultant
University Faculty (e.g. Ed leadership, teacher education)

The American Youth Leadership Program offers opportunities for American high students and educators to travel abroad on a three- to four-week-long exchange program to gain first-hand knowledge of foreign cultures and to collaborate on solving global issues.   Several different organizations implement this program, and each has organized an academic and experiential educational exchange focused on dialogue and debate, leadership development, and community service. Recruitment areas and application deadlines vary, so please check the American Youth Leadership Program website for more information.

Graduate Student Travel

As you may be aware, the Graduate College provides limited funding on a competitive basis for graduate student travel to professional conferences. The updated Graduate Student Travel Fund Request form may be found on the following link: Grad Travel Fund Request Form.

The form includes more information about eligibility requirements and the award process. Please visit Graduate Student Travel Funds for more information about how to request funding.  The student’s department and/or academic college may also contribute funds for the student’s travel. 

Information about presentations by Texas State graduate students may be found in the Graduate Student Accomplishments & Awards section of the Graduate College Web site at:

For more information, please contact The Graduate College.