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Doctoral Research Assistantships for New Ph.D. in School Improvement Students

Texas State University, a University Council for Educational Administration member institution, is accepting applications for Doctoral Research Assistantships.  These assistantships are intended for newly admitted students in the Ph.D. in School Improvement program.

Doctoral Research Assistants (DRA’s) provide research support for full-time faculty in the university’s Educational Leadership program, and in turn receive experience and mentoring in educational research.

Compensation: DRA’s are employed for 20 hours per week during the 9 month academic year, receiving a stipend of $26,000.00 ($2,888.89 per month) and the in-state tuition rate (currently $3,745.00 for 9 credit hours in a semester). Summer DRA employment (3 months) is not guaranteed but is frequently possible, pending funds availability. Health insurance and other information is available on the Graduate Assistant web page at

Application: Applications to the Ph.D. in School Improvement (PhD-SI) program are due February 1 and classes begin in late August. Applications for the Doctoral Research Assistantship are also due February 1, and open until filled. The following information regarding the Ph.D. in School Improvement will be helpful to you:

Additional Information:

Doctoral assistantships are ordinarily renewed annually for a maximum of four years from the semester of admission. Renewal is contingent upon funding availability and a satisfactory performance evaluation.    

DRA’s must be full-time students, which requires taking 9 credit hours per semester (3 classes) during the fall and spring semesters. DRA’s may apply near the end of their studies to the Graduate Dean for a one-time exception, allowing less than 9 hours in one semester. A 9 hour course load is not required in the summer semesters.  

Doctoral Research Assistants may not simultaneously maintain other full-time or full-time equivalent employment. Continuing conflicts with any external employment may lead to discontinuation of the DRA appointment.  

All regulations regarding assistantships as published by The Graduate College apply. Please consult:


  • Applicants for DRA positions are strongly encouraged to apply online for The Graduate College Scholarship (due March 1):

  • In addition, candidates who submit a complete application to the Ph.D. in School Improvement program by January 15 will be considered for the Texas State Doctoral Merit Fellowship ($9,000 for one year). DRA candidates wishing to be considered for the Merit Fellowship are encouraged to also submit the DRA application by January 15.

Contact Us:

For more information and help with questions, please email Dr. James Koschoreck, Doctoral Director, at or call 512-245-9909. You are also welcome to contact any of Texas State’s Educational Leadership/School Improvement professors.

Updated November 2017